IBM SmartCamp Global Finals spotlight: Borda Technology

As we prepare for next month’s SmartCamp Global Finals, we’re publishing a series of blog posts dedicated to each finalist. This blog post focuses on Borda Technology.

Borda provides products and solutions focusing on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) applications. Dborda logoevelops software and hardware as well as delivers turnkey solutions to its customers. Consistently developed and successfully deployed its, proven, enterprise wide “Hybrid RTLS” solution by combining NFC, UHF Passive and Active RFID technologies into one ultimate software platform called Lighthouse.

This year’s SmartCamp Global Finals is part of the InterConnect 2015 conference in Las Vegas. The Global Finals will be held on Monday, Feb. 23rd from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. Be sure to register to attend!

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Get enterprise-level analytics on a startup-level budget: IBM Analytics Starter Program

IBM Global Entrepreneur:

Sandy Carter announces the new IBM Analytics Starter Program, part of the Global Entrepreneur Program!

Originally posted on Social Media to Social Business:

You know one of the biggest obstacles as a startup is having the revenue to buy or get access to software that could enhance your solutions. It gets even tougher when your clients are clamoring for analytics solutions to address their business challenges. You’ve got to get the solutions they need and fast!

We have the solution!
That’s why we’ve created the IBM Analytics Starter Program for startup ISVs! It can help you break through barriers and integrate proven, enterprise-strength software in the solutions you deliver to your clients!

Start-ups don’t have additional funds to invest in software. The IBM Analytics Starter Program takes away that barrier to entry! We offer software for no charge and no royalties for 18 months.

Who qualifies for the program?
If you are a member of IBM Global Entrepreneur, you’re already most of the way there! In addition, you must meet these two criteria:

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The Best Ideas: Entrepreneur creates WishPop

Originally posted on Social Media to Social Business:

Yesterday, I had a wonderful meeting with Rob Ross who is a natural techy, developer, and entrepreneur.

His creation — an app for the iPad inspired by his daughter.     WishPop allows kids to create wish lists and thank yous to help their “grown ups” know what to buy them!


And Rob did all the right things:

1.  First, he got a first class team.  While the team was only 8 people, he had experience from Nickelodean, Disney, National Geographic Kids, Game Designers from Ramps, and Acclaim Entertainment.   This drove an incredible design.

2.  Second, he knew his “client’s” pain points.    His own daughter served as a chief requirement giver and her 15 BFFs gave constant and consistent feedback.

3. And finally, he learned and pivoted.    He noted that the technical platform that he chose to build on didn’t allow flexibility.   He has since switched over to a…

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Using the Cloud to supercharge growth… and success!

As a startup, have you ever wondered just how important it is for you to engage with cloud as a part of your solution? What about using cloud as a vehicle to ramp up your growth and success?

Paolo Privitera, CEO of Pick1, tackled these question head on and then wrote about it! Check out his blog post on Forbes about why it is so important to have the right tool (cloud!) for your entrepreneurial success!

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IBM SmartCamp Global Finals spotlight: Rosie

As we prepare for the upcoming IBM SmartCamp Global Finals, we’ll be showcasing each of the finalists (in no particular order) leading up to the event itself. If you’ve been following our blog, you know that each finalist has had to compete on a local, and then regional, level to make the final cut. The competition has been fierce, and it only gets more intense from here!

This year’s SmartCamp Global Finals will be held at the IBM InterConnect conference on 22-26 Feb 2015 at the MGM Grand & Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. Stay tuned to this blog for more information on registration.

For now, let’s take a closer look at our first finalist: Rosie.

Based out of Ithaca, New York, Rosie makes it possible for small and medium-sized brick-and-mortar stores to offer a robust online shopping experience for their customers. They collect data on a shopper’s buying habits and then translate that into an enhanced online shopping experience. Their platform brings together the whole retail supply chain to deliver exceptional customer experience. The mobile-based RosieApp lets customers keep control of when their key groceries run out and order and deliver them automatically! A powerful recommendation engine suggests relevant products. (Follow them on Twitter @RosieApp)

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2 Latin America Start-ups to watch! They Won Their Regional Finals by transforming industries!

Originally posted on Social Media to Social Business:

Two Latin American startups changing the way brands and bands interact with their fans!  These change moments will help to transform an entire industry!

Have you ever stood in line to hear your favorite local band? From my experience, that seems to be a universal thing to have to do to hear your favorite band perform. But what if you could just watch them live from your living room couch? What if you could participate to more personal performance delivered through an app?

That’s exactly what does! Winner and Judge’s choice of our SmartCamp Latin America Regional Finals, is a live-media channel for online marketing, promotion and performing! Their solution can literally strengthening the relationship between broadcasters and performers with their fan base! Live streaming broadcasts can give bands total freedom and autonomy to perform whenever and wherever they want. Very cool! Follow them on Twitter @Netshowme.


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Content transformation and Fire fighting: Two startups make it to Global Finals!

IBM Global Entrepreneur:

Sandy Carter reviews the winners of the SmartCamp Asia Pacific Regional. The winners of this event will move on to the SmartCamp Global Finals in February 2015.

Originally posted on Social Media to Social Business:

What do two startups, one with a solution in content transformation and the other with a solution in fighting forest fires, have in common? They are both heading to the SmartCamp Global Finals! Stelae Technologies and Insight Robotics won our SmartCamp Asia Pacific Regional!

Stelae Technologies, winner of SmartCamp India, has an automated solution that enables an end-to-end workflow for information management. With at least 70% of cost savings over current solutions, theirs is one platform for multiple file types (PDF, Word, ASCII, etc.) and enables rapid turnaround times for converting files into multiple output formats (XML, S1000d, XBRL, etc.).

So, imagine if you had access to a single platform that enabled you to create, manage, and convert multiple file formats. That would be a huge time and money saver!

And I really love what Insight Robotics, winner of SmartCamp China, is doing to prevent forest fires. Just last year…

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