Meet Caroline Taylor, Marketing and Communications Vice President for IBM UK and Ireland. For this IBM Infomentary we asked her why IBM is working to build strong relationships with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.


As IBM has embarked on the mission to create a Smarter Planet, Taylor says that the one thing that has become apparent is the vital need for collaboration–between the private and public sector, experts and NGOs, and organizations of all types and sizes.

Through the Smarter Planet initiative IBM is working to apply intelligence to an instrumented and interconnected world, but we don’t do it on our own. In addition to partnering with other large organizations, IBM collaborates with and supports many startups, particulary through the Global Entrepreneur Program and the worldwide SmartCamp events.

In Taylor’s view, this is very important “because there are many innovators out there, who can tell a great story and come up with brilliant ideas, but maybe they need a little help to operationalize it, and we’re not going to build a Smarter Planet unless we help them to do that.”