IBM Innovation Center Awareness Initiative: Software Universe 2012

1607 delegates, 1400 software enthusiasts, 360+ business leaders and entrepreneurs, and 375+ organisations from across India participated in the 8th edition of IBM Software Universe 2012, held earlier this month at The Renaissance Convention Centre in Mumbai.

Attendees of IBM Software Universe 2012 learn about the capabilities of the Bangalore IBM Innovation Center.

As part of its awareness initiative, the Bangalore IBM Innovation Center set up a booth at Software Universe 2012 to show people what the Innovation Center is all about. Through videos, one-on-one talks, and handouts on the Global Entrepreneur Program and Project Praviin (Academic Initiative), the IBM Innovation Center showed attendees how the center can help their business. Among the attendees were some budding entrepreneurs, who were glad to learn about the Global Entrepreneur Program.

The Bangalore IBM Innovation Center booth at IBM Software Universe 2012.


Some neighbors in nearby booths at IBM Software Universe 2012 included IBM Business Partners such as Satvik analytics, IFS World and Capgemini. All in all, it was great to see  people from various verticals come together and show interest in learning more about the IBM Innovation Center.

About IBM Global Entrepreneur

This is the official blog of the IBM Global Entrepreneur program. It is managed by Chad Williams and Carolyn Rogers. Follows the IBM Social Computing Guidelines.
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2 Responses to IBM Innovation Center Awareness Initiative: Software Universe 2012

  1. Kathy Mast says:

    Is there a U.S. IBM Innovation Center? Would love to know the location and participate.

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