Viva o Rio! Impressive list of finalists for IBM SmartCamp Brazil!

The IBM SmartCamp Brazil competition is Oct. 3rd. Five smart startup finalists have been selected to compete at the event. Two finalists will be chosen as the winners.

bovcontrolBovControl is the new information empowerment for livestock ranchers. Using BovControl tools, ranchers can improve operational profits up to 50%, while optimizing their efficiency and ultimately increasing the ranch’s value.

Geekie applies artificial intelligence technologies to geekieeducation. Geekie Teste identifies the strengths and weaknesses of students. Geekie Lab is a platform that provides a customized study plan and identifies the most suitable teaching methods to help each student learn faster.

Intoo is a platform that connects small and medium-sized businesses to banks and intooinvestors. The platform is based on the supply chain finance concept, organizing relevant financial information from suppliers.

Nativoo learns travelers’ preferences and creates itineraries nativooautomatically, selecting among thousands of possibilities to provide the end user a personalized experience. It can help the user choose where to stay, what to do, and where to eat.


Connecting companies, exchanging information, integrating business processes and making real-time deals are the future of any business, especially small ones.  Simbio is an active network that connects companies and people through a free management system available in the cloud.

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