MySmartFarm harvests a win at SmartCamp Johannesburg


Wolfgang von Loeper, CEO of MySmartFarm, with Ria Hyman, IBM Marketing Leader

Congratulations to MySmartFarm for winning the SmartCamp Johannesburg competition! This year’s SmartCamp event was done in collaboration with the Tech4Africa annual conference. MySmartFarm will join the 7 other finalist for the SmartCamp Istanbul regional event.

With MySmartFarm, IBM is partnering up with a highly networked provider channeling data of high value from multiple sources (sensors, satellites, GIS mapping, weather and many more) and multiple partners into one platform.

Asked how he envisioned working with IBM to build a smarter planet, Wolfgang von Loeper, MySmartFarm CEO, made this comment about smarter farm management:

mysmartfarm-joburg-smartcamp-winner-logo“As a high-tech farmer, I know how many things could be managed better in practical farming operations. Currently only 1% of farmers use precision software, and that is because the completely fragmented supplier market has a bewilderingly complex set of offerings presented in user interfaces unnecessarily confusing and complex. But more importantly nothing talks to each other!”

Sounds like an excellent business opportunity!

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