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SmartCamp Syndey – Smart Potatoes

Yesterday in Sydney the IBM team held an amazing event with the largest number of partners we have ever had for a SmartCamp. There were many highlights not least the companies. In addition we were delighted to hear Peter Kazacos war stories. We’ll post a full review next week in the meantime we […]

Cloudy with a Chance of Jellyfish

Almost 15 years ago, I interviewed for a management consultant role.  When it became apparent that I wasn’t going to get the job, I asked the interviewer what skills and experience I needed to develop.  ‘The ability to handle ambiguity’ was the answer.  It has stuck with me ever since.  […]

Corporate Venturing with Andrew Gaule

The following is from a recent interview with Andrew Gaule on behalf of Global Corporate Venturing Gaule: Give a brief description of the purpose of SmartCamp and when it was formed. Kelly: SmartCamp is about bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and experienced mentors who want to build innovation ecosystems around the world. SmartCamp takes […]

Crowdsourcing innovation

How do you find innovation ?  That is a question we ask ourselves on a regular basis.  Once you find it how do you harness it?  In the following talk from TEDx Montreal Mike Grandinetti explores crowdsourcing innovation.  Mike has been a mentor at a number of our SmartCamp events […]

Big Data comes to Munich!

Yesterday in Munich we held our first SmartCamp event in Germany.   It was also the first SmartCamp with a specific focus on Big Data and Business Analytics. Keynote Speaker Philippe Souidi, Founder of, summarized this topic perfectly when he called Big Data the “Oil of the next Century”… fitting, […]


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