eyeQ Insights and BeehiveID are winners of IBM SmartCamp Austin!

It was standing room only at the SmartCamp Austin event on June 11th. With a turnout of over 120 people, the energy in the room was immediately noticeable. Some of the best startups in Austin made it to the finals, but in the end, two stood out as the winners.

From L to R: Mary Haskett of BeehiveID and Michael Garel of eyeQ Insights

From L to R: Mary Haskett of BeehiveID and Michael Garel of eyeQ Insights

The mentors’ panel chose eyeQ Insights as the winner! And, the popular choice went to BeehiveID!

Michael Garel of eyeQ Insights performed the best pitch and his company’s solution was viewed as being the strongest in the field of five finalists. Likewise, Mary Haskett of BeehiveID was clearly the crowd favorite, having almost unanimously selected as the people’s choice award!

eyeQ creates unique hybrid in person/online experience for shoppers that give them what they have learned to love from e-commerce (ratings, reviews, suggested offerings) to help them decide and buy on the spot. With video intelligence, mobile location analytics and highly interactive HD touch screen displays, the eyeQinsights responsive marketing system learns about and responds to customers and helps them make purchasing decisions.

BeehiveID helps ensure that people online are who they say they are in person! BeehiveID is based on years of experience working with a variety of identity technologies, including social network analysis, face recognition, semantic text analysis, machine learning, sentiment analysis and temporal profiling.

Kevin Koym, of Tech Ranch Austin, addresses a packed room

Kevin Koym, of Tech Ranch Austin, addresses a packed room

Congratulations to these two companies!

And last, but certainly not least, a huge THANKS AGAIN to Tech Ranch Austin for co-sponsoring the IBM SmartCamp Austin event!

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SmartCamp Austin returns with a solid lineup of startups!


Downtown Austin skyline

IBM SmartCamp has returned to Austin, Texas! And we’ve got an impressive list of startups competing to win!

  • BeehiveIDSocial Authentication Technology ™ that leverages traditional technologies and uses online social networks to augment authentication of people’s identity.
  • Cloud9 – Cloud 9 offers a better path to mental health counseling through their easy to use mobile application.
  • eyeQ Insights – eyeQ provides leading retailers the ability continually learn about consumer purchasing behavior, generate business intelligence, and influence consumer purchasing in-store.
  • BYTE (formerly MyMenu) – BYTE offers a photo, description, and overall grade for each item on any restaurant’s menu.
  • TP Synergy – TP Synergy provides end-to-end visibility and collaboration to the supply chain process via multiple parties: suppliers, customers, transporters, amd warehouse managers.

The format of this year’s event is similar to last year. All the startups will work with mentors during the first half of the day, behind closed door sessions. Then, at 3 pm Central, the public portion begins with opening comments. Shortly after, the 5 startups give their public pitch! In a 6-minute pitch, each startup will have an opportunity to describe ways in which their solutions help promote a Smarter Planet, as well as the unique value they bring to the market.

And, like last year, attendees will have a chance to vote on their favorite SmartCamp finalists, giving that startup an edge in achieving success!

Before day’s end, attendees will have a chance to chat with one another, talk about the featured business ideas as well as network with colleagues, investors, and local thought leaders.

A huge THANKS! to Tech Ranch Austin for co-sponsoring this year’s SmartCamp in Austin. Also, IBMer David Barnes will be on hand to present the BlueMix advantage. David is a dynamic speaker and is sure to entertain, as well as educate, our audience!

If you haven’t registered for the public portion, you can still do so. If you are in Austin, you don’t want to miss this year’s SmartCamp!



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Entrepreneurs, startups, VCs, and IBMers join forces for Technori Pitch in Chicago

Photo of Attendees at the Technori Pitch

Attendees at the Technori Pitch

On Tuesday, May 27th, Chicagoland entrepreneurs, startups, VCs, and IBMers gathered for Technori Pitch. This event is an amazingly fun pitch night that brings together over 500 Chicagoland startup enthusiasts to hear five impassioned startups pitch their products and services.

The theme for the night was “Big Data & Cloud”, something IBM knows a thing or two about.  So, it was natural for The Chicago IBM Innovation Center and Technori to work together and discuss Big Data & Cloud, as well as IBM’s startup program, the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program.

The 5 startups for this “Technori Pitch sponsored by IBM” were:

  • Additive Analytics – Reduces hospital admissions by using a predictive analytics model
  • Belladati – Solution connects databases into a single business intelligence dashboard
  • Graf.ly – Environment that turns engineering code into applications able to be used by non-technical staff
  • Cardiosys – Healthcare dashboard for companies to identify employees at risk of health issues
  • Narrative Science- Generates human readable text automatically from structured data
Photo of Technori Pitch in Chic

Technori Pitch main stage in Chicago

All 5 of the startups were excellent in their presentations and solutions, but the judges had to pick just one – Narrative Science – as the winner.

The Chicago IBM Innovation Center is the place for IBM Business Partners, academics, and startups to meet and grow their solutions. For more information, go to https://ibm.biz/ChicagoIICEvents.

The IBM Global Entrepreneur Program provides many benefits to technical startups interested in working with IBM. For more information, go to https://ibm.biz/312IBMGEP.

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Coriell Life Sciences transforms Healthcare Management with Smarter Process

Coriell Life Sciences is personalizing healthcare with help from IBM. Together, they are integrating genomic data into healthcare management to understand how a patient’s genetics might impact adverse reactions to medication.

Using IBM Smarter Process on Cloud, Coriell can manage the entire process from genetic testing up until the point that the information arrives directly into doctors’ hands. In addition, IBM Watson technology allows for real-time analytics to produce a confidence score around the likelihood of an adverse reaction.

Coriell Life Sciences is an IBM Business Partner with the Global Entrepreneur Program and is the winner of the IBM SmartCamp Global Finals 2013.

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Smarter Commerce is theme of next Entrepreneur Huddle

Back in February during our big Entrepreneur Week, we hosted our first-ever Entrepreneur Huddle webcast. Next week, on May 22nd, we’ll have our second Entrepreneur Huddle and you’re invited!

Huddle_promo image_hashtag



The Huddle is a webcast for startups, tech enthusiasts, current IBM Global Entrepreneur members, and any other person involved or interested in the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Coming on the heels of IBM’s Smarter Commerce Global Summit this week, our next Entrepreneur Huddle will focus on themes in the commerce space, including the CMO point of view, creating a rewarding customer experience, and making moments matter using the right technology. So tune in to learn from commerce experts, as well as a current IBM Global Entrepreneur startup who is using technology to shake up the fulfillment and supply chain model.

During the webcast, you will be able to pose questions and comments on Twitter using #IBMGEHuddle. And if you can’t make the scheduled webcast time, don’t worry. There will be a replay available for you to watch on-demand, and possibly another live broadcast option!

Looking forward to “virtually” seeing you there!

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Reflections from the 2013 IBM SmartCamp Global Finals winner, Coriell Life Sciences

Recently, Shari Chiara, an Ecosystem Development Marketing Manager with IBM, caught up with Scott Megill, CEO of Coriell Life Sciences, to talk with him about his startup company’s experiences at last year’s SmartCamp North American regionals and the global finals. Below is an excerpt taken from the interview.

Shari Chiara:     After winning the North American regional final, you went on to win the whole thing (IBM SmartCamp Global Finals). Looking back on it now, what was the value for Coriell Life Sciences in regards to the global finals and the Global Entrepreneurial Program?

Scott Megill:     It was a great experience for us, no doubt about it.   We learned  a lot from the mentors that were part of the program itself in a very constructive way.  The way I describe it  to the people who ask what IBM SmartCamp is,  is that it was sort of like American Idol for Entrepreneurs.

Shari Chiara:     Very good analogy!

Scott Megill:     They (IBM Global Entrepreneur Program team) combed the globe trying to find companies, and then it sort of got winnowed down through these various competitions, and ultimately to this panel of judges that were sitting there, looking at a very small facet of the business.

But  what happened on stage was the tip of the iceberg because it was preceded by all this mentoring that we went through twice – first through the national and then the global competition. At the global finals, we got an opportunity to sit in front of some really experienced and deep thinking people about how you build a businesses.

And  we got poked and prodded, and every little aspect of our business was sort of put up to the light.  For us, this was great because we got to feel really validated by a lot of the things that we’d been doing. But it also highlighted some weaknesses in our story.

So as we left the North American regionals,  we felt like we had a better way of actually communicating what we’re doing, and telling the story.   We then went off and raised another $1 million based on what we learned from that competition. Just taking the crispness and the story refinement that we learned at the North American regionals out to further investors, we picked up another dozen angel investors and brought in another million bucks, and all that.

And, that clearly was an outcome for us just of the North American regional finals.

Now having won the global finals, well one, I’m getting inundated with press, which is fantastic. You know, the more we can get the word out there, the better. But what it’s really done I think most importantly for us recently has been to cement the relationship with IBM.   We were certainly knocking on the door of a lot of different aspects of IBM for a long time.  This has been a door opener for us in a way that we didn’t really have before.

At IBM Pulse, I had dinner with Steve Mills (IBM Senior VP)  and then a  one-on-one with him.  I don’t think that’s something that  would’ve occurred had we not gone through the Global Entrepreneur Program.

Scott shares his thoughts on Cloud at IBM Pulse 2014

What’s next for Coriell Life Sciences?   Scott will be at IBM Impact next week (April 27th to May 1) – speaking during the Tuesday morning “Made with IBM” General Session in front of thousands of attendees!

For more information about Coriell Life Sciences, and their partnership with IBM, check out these blog links:

For information on how you and your startup can partner with IBM, visit our Global Entrepreneur Program web site.


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Smarter Commerce Global Summit is coming! Now’s the time to check out the latest Smarter Commerce offering!

With the Smarter Commerce Global Summit coming up next month, this is a great time to highlight one of IBM’s newest validation offerings available to IBM Business Partners, including our Global Entrepreneur Program members.

The Ready for Smarter Commerce validation gives customers access to certified pre-built partner solutions with integrated cloud, mobile and social capabilities. The ecosystem features partner-led solutions built on IBM Smarter Commerce capabilities such as IBM Commerce, IBM Digital Marketing Optimization and more.

At a time when Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), VPs of eCommerce and other business leaders face increased pressure to deliver new capabilities at light speed, the Ready for Smarter Commerce program provides pre-configured solutions based on open standards to accelerate innovation and time to value. The new ecosystem is expected to deliver 150 new Ready for Smarter Commerce solutions this year.

Already we’ve seen Business Partners, such as Invodo, achieve their Ready for Smarter Commerce validation and then tap into the IBM Business Partner channel to increase sales.

“IBM is a leader in delivering cloud-based mobile, social and digital experiences that help retailers and other organizations differentiate their offerings,” said Keith Blankenship, Invodo’s Director of Strategic Alliances.  “The new program gives us a rich channel to deliver our solutions, which are integrated with both IBM Commerce and IBM Digital Analytics, to a growing ecosystem of IBM partners, clients and developers.  It also gives us access to complementary capabilities that will help us further enhance and extend our core video offerings.”

Find out more about the Ready for Smarter Commerce validation program.

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