IBM and Tech4Africa team up for SmartCamp Johannesburg

Photo of Sci-Bono Discovery Centre

Sci-Bono Discovery Centre

IBM SmartCamp Johannesburg 2014 kicks off next week in conjunction with Tech4Africa at Sci-Bono Discovery Centre in Newtown, Johannesburg. IBM South Africa is excited to partner with Tech4Africa again; and are bringing together an excellent network of mentors and total of 8 innovative startups!

The mentor day and SmartCamp Johannesburg takes place on Wednesday, 8th October. The Johannesburg winner will then join our three Sub-Saharan winners on Thursday, 9th October in our IBM SmartCamp Sub-Saharan final.

The finalists for IBM SmartCamp Johannesburg are AfroCast IT Solutions, Contactable, Ingenuity Technologies, iPulse Transact, and Road Buddy. One of these great startups will join Digital Vision East Africa (Chamasoft), VacantBoards and Wumdrop in the Sub Saharan final.

AfroCast logoAfroCast IT Solutions was co-founded by a group of young dynamic professionals with combined experience of over 16 years in the ICT industry. They have created a mobile application, called MobileBulletin, that bridges the gap between main office and the field employee, the one who never set foot at the head-office.

Contactable logoContactable is the new wave of contact information management that creates a single point of truth about your contact details. It does this in a manner that is safe, secure and totally privacy based. They have achieved this by placing the power to control all your contact information into the hands of you the individual. Follow them @StayContactable.

Ingenuity Technologies logoIngenuity Technologies is a software & enterprise applications development company. They are currently developing a cloud-based web & mobile eCommerce application as a single source solution to allow the busy consumer today to do their grocery and essentials shopping from the retailers and with brands they already trust in the comfort of their space. All of this is done in Real Time. It also allows high end retailers to integrate their brick & mortar retail function to achieve a seamless omni-channel retail without having to capitally invest in the business.

iPulse transact logoiPulse Transact specializes in the management and verification of a person’s identity through the use of cutting-edge biometric technology and flexible solutions. At the core of the iPulse Transact offering lies BIOVault – a hardware-agnostic, consumer-centric biometric vault which stores an individual’s information in a highly secure manner and allows individuals to manage this data through a single site. This enables them to have complete control over their own identity, and even more importantly, to ​have ​control ​over ​who has access to this information. Follow them @iPulseSystems.

RoadBuddy logoRoad Buddy is a cloud-based mobile solution that was developed in response to the need to improve awareness and safety on national and international roads. As one of the world’s first proactive intelligent road safety awareness systems, Road Buddy was designed to improve awareness between road users. Warning motorists of emergency vehicles, vulnerable road users (cyclists, joggers, motorcycles) and stationary vehicles in their close proximity/ direction of travel. Road Buddy’s data capturing also allows traffic data to be analysed and used to improve safety and traffic flow anywhere in the world. Follow them @roadbuddy_app.

Good luck to all our finalists at SmartCamp Johannesburg!

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SmartCamp London: Another strong lineup from the United Kingdom

IBM has a growing history of helping the startup community in London to flourish. Last year’s winner of SmartCamp London, Shopa, went on to win the popular vote award at the SmartCamp Global Finals. Shopa’s performance last year illustrated the level of skill and talent coming from the London entrepreneurial ecosystem.

This year’s SmartCamp London promises to be just as successful. In fact, the IBM team in London has recreated last year’s event with a strong lineup of sponsors and mentors! To attend the SmartCamp London pitching finals, register now!

Vote now for your favorite SmartCamp London finalists!

Here’s a closer look at the finalists:

3dprinteo logo3DPrinteo is developing a SaaS that helps 3D printing providers take orders online using instant geometry analysis, intelligent pricing algorithms and sales automation technology. 3D printing providers benefit from reduced operational costs through automatization and improved sales through their intelligent eSales solution. If 3D printing is the future, why leave the ordering process in the past? Follow them @3dprinteo

andiamo logoAndiamo is creating a new orthotics service for disabled children using 3D scanning and printing technology. Their goal is to provide high qulaity orthotics and reduce waiting times. More than that, Andiamo is about improving the quality of life for their patience and the caregivers. Follow them at @AndiamoHQ.

antuar logoAntuar empowers financial institutions to evolve the operation and customer experience of their branch network. Antuar’s inBranch suite enables the adoption of new tools and technologies such as tablets, smart-phones, cash recyclers and imaging devices, analytics and access to big data without requiring expensive and complex changes to existing systems. With inBranch, financial institutions reduce operational costs, improve customer experience and relationships, increase product sales and meet regulatory requirements. Follow them @inBranch.

salesgossip logoSalesGossip is an online and mobile service that aggregates all the fashion and beauty promotions online e-commerce and at brick-and-mortar locations. SalesGossip’s content, combined with an intelligent marketing platform, drives traffic and sales to their partner fashion and beauty retailers. SalesGossip has over 500K registered members. Follow them @SalesGossip.

soampli logoSoAmpli has a platform solution that lets employees share knowledge and leverage online social relationships to help their organization. SoAmpli enables employees to create and share content in their own social networks, creating a broad social footprint for the organization while helping employees build their own personal brand. Follow them @SoAmpli.

Good luck to all our SmartCamp London finalists!

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SmartCamp Istanbul elevates 5 startups

The SmartCamp Istanbul team is gearing up for another great event with 5 new finalists! Their solutions range from smart air conditioning to test engineering and wireless sensor network. Co-sponsoring this year’s event is Etohum, a market place for Internet-based entrepreneurs in Istanbul. The SmartCamp event will be part of Startup Istanbul, a joint event with Etohum, on 29-30 September.

Nearly 50 innovative companies applied for IBM SmartCamp Istanbul this year.  Almost half of these companies were invited for a face-to-face interview in Ankara and Istanbul with a distinguished network of mentors. Most of the startups were born on Cloud! And, almost 80% are using analytics & big data and mobile to create Smarter Planet solutions! Sounds like a strong field of startups!

You can watch the Startup Istanbul event on live stream. Register now to watch Startup Istanbul! And be sure to vote for your favorite SmartCamp Istanbul startup! You can help select the People’s Choice Award!

Let’s take a closer look at the finalists:

Test engineering is an essential part of the project life cycle in industries such as defense and aerospace, automative, industrial automationIntest logo and telecommunications. Intest provides outsourcing services, test system design, and consulting services in the test engineering field. Moreover, our firm develops software products in test automation area that are competitive in global scale.

PEAK smart air-conditioning system is integrated with present heating and cooling systems and operates them by using smart and learning scenarPEAK logoios. It makes systems more comfortable and cost efficient. PEAK is getting integrated easily with present systems as wirelessly.  Due to learning software and regular reporting system, it creates more economical, comfortable and efficient heating and cooling scenarios.
Bilims logo

Bilims is a scenario based collaborative e-learning platform that provides real time communication and collaboration with proven techniques in problem based learning.

Borda provides products and solutions focusing on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) applications. Dborda logoevelops software and hardware as well as delivers turnkey solutions to its customers. Consistently developed and successfully deployed its, proven, enterprise wide “Hybrid RTLS” solution by combining NFC, UHF Passive and Active RFID technologies into one ultimate software platform called Lighthouse.

ITECH Electronics is a R&D company that focuses on Wireless Sensor Network, Real Time Locating Systems and Internet of Things applications for businesses. The company was founded in 2011 by the support of Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. ITECH’s primary itech logoproject is Wireless Tracking and Control Systems for large working areas to control employees by electronics tags and environmental variables by wireless sensors. Gathering data from sensors and locating system can be used for supply chain management, process control, inventory planning and safety. ITECH is now working on affordable and reachable IoT connectivity platform for small and medium enterprises, whic is called “itech-aim.

Joining the event will be last year’s SmartCamp Istanbul winner and SmartCamp Global finalist, Reengen! They will present a “best practices” talk on IBM SmartCamp for the benefit of this year’s finalists.

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MySmart Farm continues to cultivate its relationship with IBM

Here’s an update from our 2013 SmartCamp Johannesburg winner, MySmart Farm!

mysmartfarm-joburg-smartcamp-winner-logoWhen Wolfgang von Loeper decided to carry on his family’s 350-year tradition of farming in South Africa, he encountered a modern dilemma: managing all of the data and technology needed to encourage healthy crops. “I was using all available technology, including satellite imaging and solar maps,” says von Loeper. “I had many different types of software and management packages installed.”

On the recommendation of a local investment firm, von Loeper investigated the IBM Global Entrepreneur program, which offers support and resources for technology startup organizations. Through the Global Entrepreneur initiative, von Loeper further developed his business idea and connected with IBM resources and SoftLayer, an IBM company, to create a minimum viable product version of the MySmart Farm service offering.

The collaboration between IBM and MySmart Farm resulted in a first-of-its-kind solution with great potential to help address food scarcity issues in South Africa and beyond. By bringing together a wide range of agricultural and geospatial data and delivering easily accessible intelligence and insights, the MySmart Farm solution will help farmers improve their harvests.

Hosting the MySmart Farm platform in a SoftLayer cloud environment proved critical in getting the solution up and running quickly and cost-effectively. Participating in the SoftLayer Catalyst Startup Program will save MySmart Farm USD24,000 over the course of its first year of operation, freeing more funds for the new business to direct toward platform and business development activities.

Watch this video to learn more

Great story and congratulations to MySmart Farm! If you are a startup and you’d like to compete in SmartCamp events, be sure to register for the IBM Global Entrepreneur Program. Great things can happen!

Follow MySmart Farm @MySmartFarm.

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SmartCamp Sydney produces 2 winners!

Photo of Brendan Roberts

Brendan Roberts of 9 Spokes

Congratulations to 9 Spokes for winning the SmartCamp Sydney competition! Also, congrats to Tapit for winning the people’s choice award!

9 Spokes was the judges’ choice with its integrated software dashboard. They select apps through a rigorous accreditation program and then make them available to the user through a dashboard environment. No more sifting through thousands of apps trying to find the best match for your industry. They’ve already located them for you, and made them easy to access!

Also, they use the power of the cloud! You can access 9 Spokes and all your apps from any Internet connected device. Everything is at your finger tips!

Tapit’s solution deploys, manages and analyses contactless technology, such as Near Field Communications tags, Beacons and QR codes. Using powerful Tapit visualization reporting, clients can easily make sense of how people are interacting with their Tapit-enabled infrastructure in real-time. Their solution provides an easy to use platform that instantly tells you how and where people are engaging with your content, as well as channel format and device.

With Tapit, it’s easy to see how people are interacting with your Tapit-enabled infrastructure in real-time.

Congratulations again to our winners Down Under!

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Wumdrop delivers a victory at SmartCamp Cape Town

SmartCamp events keep rolling along and with that, we have new winners on a weekly basis! Recently, it was the SmartCamp Cape Town event that brought out the best and brightest of startups to IBM! The South African winner this year was Wumdrop!

Photo of Wumdrop winners, Roy Mathieu Borole and Simon Hartley

L to R – Roy Mathieu Borole and Simon Hartley of Wumdrop; Clayton Booysen, IBM

Wumdrop’s mobile solution allows you to request shipping service at the click of a button. No more waiting in lines at the post office or shipping kiosk! What’s so impressive about their solution is that it furthers the notion of mobile solutions making daily tasks easier and faster to complete. This is a great resource for business and personal use!

SmartCamp Cape Town ran in partnership with Tech4Africa. Every SmartCamp event is huge success when Tech4Africa is involved! So THANK YOU to Tech4Africa!

And, congratulations again to Wumdrop for winning the SmartCamp Cape Town competition!

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Déjà vu: SmartCamp London flexes serious muscle

Photo of Canary Wharf in London

Canary Wharf in London

Thanks to the sponsors and mentors, the success of last year’s SmartCamp London is spilling over into this year’s event! With over 20 mentors and 7 sponsors from leading London entrepreneurial groups, IBM SmartCamp London looks to be another great success.

Last years sponsors Level 39, Entrepreneur Country and Seven Hills are joined by 4 more companies big on supporting startups: Silicon Valley Bank, Tech City, London & Partners and Shoreditch Works.

The October 8th event will be hosted at Level 39, where startups will be able to network with experienced entrepreneurs, technology investors and industry experts to gain support, exposure and resources for their technology startup. Applications are still open until midnight on September 12th, so there’s still plenty of time to apply for the chance to collaborate with IBM and take advantage of the unrivaled mentoring opportunities.

Similar to last year, some of our sponsors are also mentoring! Bindi Karia, for example, currently leads Silicon Valley Bank’s early stage efforts in Europe, will be on hand to offer her expertise and opinion to the startup participants.

Also returning from last year is Amit Pau of Entrepreneur Country! He has over 20 years expertise in the digital industry and has transformed multiple entrepreneurial companies, mentoring them from concept stage to scaling their operations for successful exits. His insights will be invaluable for the startups participating in SmartCamp.

Another exciting edition to this years mentoring panel is Peter Janes, the founder and CEO of Shopa, last year’s London SmartCamp winners. Being in the exact same situation a year ago, Peter brings a unique perspective and will, no doubt, be able to offer some very valuable advice to the startups.

These three are amongst a wide range of mentors with a high level of knowledge and expertise! This year’s event is definitely not one to miss, and the whole day promises to be a success! Register now to save your seat!

*Below is a list of mentors for the London SmartCamp event. Be sure to add these folks to your network! More names will be added over the coming weeks!

*Please note mentor names may change.

Barclays – Arian Lewis London & Partners – Pru Ashby
Cerillion – Guy O’Connor Push Technology – Lee Cottle
Clear Returns – Vicky Brock SEP – Martin Brennan
DN Capital – Lawrence Barclay Seven Hills – Nick Giles
Entrepreneur Country – Amit Pau Shopa – Peter Janes
 Hideout and Innovators Network – Douglas Bell Silicon Valley Bank – Bindi Karia
Kennet – Hillel Zidel  Taxal – Allan Behrens
KPMG – Tudor Aw
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